SBBTech LLC. specializes in the design, implementation, and maintenance of IT Resource Management solutions including cost allocation and cost recovery (accounting and chargeback) features that enable IT and Financial managers to understand and manage the cost of IT resources.

Our customers benefit from services tailored to their requirements, a vendor-neutral approach, on-site staff mentoring, remote support and detailed project documentation. Focus areas include cost recovery, invoicing, enterprise reporting, workload projection analysis, software and hardware acquisition management, project management and capacity management methodologies.

Our senior-level consultants assist in the definition, collection and management of computing system and corporate application data sources. We provide evaluation, installation and implementation assistance with industry-standard software tools that collect, manage and report data from mainframe and distributed environments. We offer strong technical competence in both mainframe and distributed systems technologies, including SAS, CA MICS, MXG, SAS IT Resource Management (SAS ITRM, SAS ITSV, SAS/CPE); also, systems measurement data from z/OS, zVM, DB2, CICS, IMS, CA IDMS, Datacom/DB, HP Measureware (HP-PCS), UNIX, Linux, zLinux and Microsoft desktop tools.

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