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IT Chargeback Planning and Implementation

SBBTech consultants have many years of hands-on chargeback systems experience, as well as current knowledge and experience with the latest technology trends. Our consultants have assisted numerous clients with addressing the unique needs facing IT organizations, including design, development, and implementation of production chargeback systems. Whether you’re just thinking about recovering IT costs, looking to make your IT organization a profit center or if you’re ready to migrate your current chargeback initiatives to another product solution, SBBTech can assist in your efforts towards a successful project completion.

IT Chargeback Analysis and Review

This service provides clients with a current top-level view of their chargeback system, including all defined methodologies and approaches. With rapidly changing technologies, hardware and software releases that affect cost recovery systems or their methodologies are often overlooked. Moreover, a fresh look at a chargeback methodology may provide insight on new or simpler methods to achieving an auditable and repeatable chargeback product that’s in agreement with the IT organizations users. This review brings together an IT organization’s business objectives and the IT industry expertise of SBBTech to yield a current and objective assessment of the customer’s chargeback system. This review includes method improvement recommendations to be considered by the customer’s management and technical staff.

Software Systems and Maintenance Implementation

SBBTech provides technical assistance and staffing services to implement new software products and to update current products with the latest, supported maintenance levels and functional enhancements. Detailed testing, implementation and project results documentation are standard with this service offering.

Remote Software Support and Technical Assistance

Remote technical support and assistance has proven to be one of our most popular services due to the flexibility and reduced cost associated with this service. SBBTech can augment technical support staff with data center and workload migrations, system conversions, scheduled or unanticipated staffing leave time.

Software and Hardware Evaluation and Acquisition Assistance

Software and hardware evaluations are a time-consuming and people-intensive process that can be difficult to bring to closure. SBBTech offers vendor-neutral expertise when evaluating software and hardware, either as a member of the evaluation team or as the project manager responsible for the success of the process.

Project Management

Key to the success of any project is effective project management skills. SBBTech offers senior-level project management expertise for all types of projects. Our primary focus is the quick removal of barriers to the success of the project while mentoring project team members.

Customized Service Offerings

Tailored service offerings provide customers flexibility with managing costs while reaching defined project goals. Specific deliverables and approach objectives are developed by clients and SBBTech to satisfy the required IT project or tasking.

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