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IT Resource Management

Timely and understandable access to data associated with the cost of information technology is crucial to enterprise reporting in current business environments. SBBTech architects, deploys and maintains IT Resource Management solutions using any of the wealth of technologies available that best meets your needs. Our approach of teaming with…

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SaaS, ITIL, SOA, ITFM, IITRM, Cost Recovery and Cost Allocation methods. Do they really matter if your bottom line business requirements are not being met? SBBTech’s experience with a breadth of vendors, products and methodologies enables your organization to reap the benefits of unbiased industry and software knowledge.

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Enterprise Reporting

Business goals change. What’s driving your changes? Compliance, mergers and acquisitions and new technologies are just a few of the challenges requiring evolution in enterprise reporting. Talk to us about how to build or adapt your reporting infrastructure to meet your clients needs, including web directed reports.

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Cost Recovery/Allocation

Whether your organization chooses to produce a bill or not, the basics don’t change in determining requirements for cost recovery or chargeback and cost allocation. Our consultants work with your management and staff to define requirements and determine cost centers. With these requirements defined, we can assist…

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Staff Augmentation

Is your company best served by your IT technical staff spending time on software maintenance? Remote support and administration support ensures current maintenance on a timely schedule, with access to senior level consultants that will increase your staff’s competency and proficiency levels.

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Project Management

Converting or implementing new technologies can be a costly and time-consuming process, fraught with project-task dependencies and conflicts. Our skills at project management and facilitation specific to IT Resource Management will save you time and money, while ensuring a timely and successful implementation.

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